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Amazing Red Kitty is Updated When He’s Not Chasing Rats at the DoubleTree

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Amazing Red Kitty

Red is the life of the party

He be Pimpin’



Red and his best buddy Jessie

awww... Baby pictures

Red with his sister Zanna

Red’s Shaggin’ Wagon Has a Hemme

Red Watching Impact

Red Attacks the Camera man

The Red Nose Lock

Amazing Red Kitty was born November 3, 2010 and named after Impact wrestler Amazing Red who’s high flying maneuvers are truly amazing. Red is a high flyer himself, but is also a formidable opponent on the mat. Just ask his older sister Zanna Kitty, who has been the victim of Red’s lethal bare naked choke on a regular basis.  His big brother Jessie the Wonder Dog doesn’t escape Red’s wrath either and is a target for Red’s aerial assaults from the top of the kitchen cabinet to the countertop and on to Jessie’s neck or back. Mat tactics on Jessie include the “Red Ankle Bite”,  the “Red Nose Lock”, and the feared “Red Alert”, where a wagging tall is bear hugged and kicked at the same time.  Red is a heel and not afraid to call out you face marks, so you better watch out. Even though Red is a heel, he knows there is such a thing as respect in the wrestling business, and there are some of the boys he likes whether they are heel of face.  

In the true wrestling tradition, Red is a party animal.  His motto:  “Party till you puke”.  He has an IMPACT Wrestling party every Thursday night and for monthly pay per views, he watches the show on the 8 foot screen in HD and surround sound.  During commercial breaks and boring promos  Red tries out new moves he’s seen on TV on Jessie and Zanna.     He wants to hang out with “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair and get Iced. Red is all about the cash and can style & profile with the best of em.  When he’s not wrestling he always looking for trouble and usually finds it, chasing ring rats.  When its time to chill, Red likes to see how many odd positions he can sleep in.  You know you want to mark out and follow him on Twitter, so do it!












‘Red nose lock, and the Red Alert





















































































































































































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